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Introducing Cover Athlete – Abe Ramirez

FITCON OC presents California State Powerlifting Championship (drug tested) presented by CLUB 104 and USPA. Introducing a new event, FITCON LA was in search of a cover athlete to grace the fliers of the Power Lift Competition. Abe Ramirez impressed our sponsors, CLUB 104, with a huge win recently at Camp Pendleton Meet.

Registration is open! www.socalstrengthevents.com.


  1. Congratulations on the honor of being named the Cover Athlete for the Power Lift Competition. How long have you been competing?
    Thank you it’s really an honor to be on the poster and I’m really excited about the competition and experiencing FITCON OC. I did my first competition in June 2015 at the Santa Barbara Open. I got a 1493lb total. I was instantly hooked!!
  2. Club 104, our sponsor for the event, was impressed with your win at Camp Pendleton Meet. How much weight did you put up?
    Winning my weight class felt awesome! Just to know that all the hard work I put in paid off and it got me the gold! I did a 551lb squat. 407lb bench. And a 640lb deadlift. Which totaled 1598lbs.
  3. We were looking around Instagram and saw your post on how you were aiming for 700 at FITCON OC? What are you doing to prep for this?
    Yes I’m looking to break into the 700lb club on my deadlift at FITCON OC. And also a 600lb or more squat. It’s gonna take a lot of hard work and my coach Reggie Washington of CleanNation Fitness is working on my program to help me peak at the right time so I can reach my goals.
  4. What’s your favorite music to get listen to when you lift? What gets ‘Big Abe’ Ramirez hyped?
    Justin Bieber…jk. Mostly music that makes me feel like it’s time to let the beast out of the cage.
  5. Everyone has different fitness goals. What are your goals?
    My goals in powerlifting are to be and International Elite Lifter. And to eventually put up a 2k plus total on the platform.
  6. A lot of people who are new to fitness assume that to be healthy, you have to have this skinny look and starve yourself. What advice would you give to them?
    I would say to them that’s not the case at all. There are many different views on what’s healthy. Starving yourself is not the way to go. There are many diets out there that can help anybody reach their fitness goals. Mine is just to eat a lot of food before I head to club 104 and destroy the weights. I weigh 300lbs and I feel super healthy. I can run (short distance lol).
  7. Where is your favorite gym?
    My favorite gym right now is Club 104. I’m able to use chalk. Play loud music and I don’t have to be quiet when I have 500lbs on my back and it’s close to home. I would someday like to travel and visit all the different gyms in the U.S.
  8. Where is your favorite gym to lift at? Your favorite gym apparel…
    My favorite gym apparel is probably Apeman Strong and American Barbell Club. I love the way their shirts fit and they definitely know what powerlifters like.






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