Meal Prep Wars



Do you want to know who the Meal Prep Service is in Los Angeles/Orange County? For the first time ever, we will host the Inaugural Meal Prep Wars!! Meal Prep companies will compete in 5 different categories.


  • chicken (11 a.m.)
  • meat (12 p.m.)
  • vegetables (1 p.m.)
  • fish (2 p.m.)
  • dessert/snacks (3 p.m.)

Help us decide who the Meal Prep Service company is tasting their delicious food on Sunday, May 15 at The Hangar @ OC Fairgrounds. We will announced the overall winner on the Main Stage at 4:30 p.m.


Meal prep companies are competing for the title of “Best Meal Prep Service in Los Angeles / Orange County”

Contest is on Sunday, May 15. Meal prep companies have an opportunity to win in 5 different categories. Categories include: chicken, meat, seafood, veggies, snacks.



Food will be prepared off site. Staff will distribute food on 4oz trays. It is recommended to have meals cooked by Sunday, 10 am so that they can be transported to OC Fairgrounds without spoiling. We cannot cook on site, we are allowed to have burners and warmers.




11 a.m. Chicken Fight

* Meal prep companies compete for the title of “Best Chicken Plate”. Healthy chicken plate must be prepared with one carb source (brown rice, potatoes, yams…) and veggies.

12 p.m. We Beefin’

* Meal prep companies compete for the title of “Best Meat Menu” Beef, steak, ground turkey are on the menu and dish must be prepped with one carb source and veggies.

1 p.m. Gulf War

* Tilapia, white fish or salmon prepared alongside one carb source and veggies.

2 p.m. Lettuce Have Peas

* Not everyone eats meat. What alternatives can meal prep companies come up with for vegetarians. We will find out…

3 p.m. Operation Dessert Storm.

* Everyone loves desserts,and snacks. What concoction will our favorite meal prep companies come up with? Best Snack Category will put an end to Meal Prep Wars.



  1. Meal prep companies will prepare for each battle on Sunday morning. We are still debating to see if meals will distributed by our staff or the meal prep companies’ staff. (Will decide by May 1)
  2. Voting will be made by public using ballot system.
  3. Judging on each battle is based on taste, presentation, healthiness (calorie count)


Voting ends prior to the start of the next event so we can announce who the winner is. Winner of Best Meal Prep Service in Orange County will be announced at 4:30 p.m. on the Main Stage.



First come, first serve.

VIP tickets holders will have access to all battles.

Participants must vote on Instagram after sampling.



Per OC Fairgrounds: If anyone will be selling any type of food or beverage product there is a buyout fee to Spectra of $175 per booth per day.  This will need to be collected by FITCON LA and paid to Spectra by 4pm Friday, May 6th.  We will need a list of those selling food/beverage by April 29th.



Regular price for a 10×10 booth is $600.

A 10×10 booth for Meal Prep Companies is half off at $300.

We value the time and cost to prepare your meal preps on Sunday and we want to have a successful Inaugural Event. The Meal Prep Wars is a unique Event that has never been done at other fitness conventions and we want our show to be successful. It’s a win-win situation for everybody and we are giving our meal prep companies a 50% discount on booth space in order to have a successful Meal Prep Wars Event for Sunday.


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