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Introducing Miss FITCON – Lidia Camarena

  1. Hello Miss Fitcon! First and foremost, congratulations on winning the first ever Mr and Miss Fitcon LA event. How was the contest different from some of the other physique contests you entered?
    I really liked this contest because it wasn’t just about appearance. It was about who you are as a person and what you believe in. Nowadays, people only see what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside. We need more contest like these – contests that make you think on your feet!
  2. The contest is unique – the final round is judged on your answers and you impressed the judges with your answers in the final round. Take us back to what the judges asked and what your answer was.
    In total there were 3 questions but the one that stood out the most for me was “If you had one piece of advice for the youth, what would it be?” My answer was “Believe in yourself because if you don’t than nobody else will” The reason why that question hit home was because I have not always been a confident person. I know what it’s like to not believe, I know what it’s like to think that you are not capable of greatness & I know what it’s like to constantly doubt yourself. Even now I sometimes have my doubts and I have to remind myself “Lidia you got this.” That question also stood out because a couple hours before FITCON LA, I was contemplating whether to go or not. I was scared. I was uncomfortable with being put on the spot and especially getting asked questions because I was afraid of being wrong but great things never came from comfort zones, right?! I literally talked myself into going. The entire drive there I was saying “Lidia you can do this, do not be afraid of failure, just be yourself and go win this!” As soon as I got there I ran up to the stage because I was going to miss my turn! I had no time to think or prepare myself it was just Go time! So that being said I think it’s pretty ironic how I won MISS FITCON LA because I BELIEVED IN MYSELF!
  3. What’s next for Miss FITCON? Are you competing this year?
     As far as Bikini competitions I’m not sure yet. I want to focus on building muscle this year so that I can bring a better package next time I set foot on stage. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for competitions outside of the bikini world that I’m pretty excited about. I don’t think we should ever put limitations on ourselves. There is more out there then just bikini competitions so I’m not just going to sit back and let life happen without finding out what else my mind and body can accomplish.
  4. Tell us about yourself. What motivates you to keep going?
    My life motivates me! I’ve had a rough past but I’ve never let any of it get to my head. I’ve always turned every negative thing in my life into something positive. Every situation has lead me to where I am now and I’ve come way too far to ever give up or settle. I want to be a great example for anyone who doubts themselves. I want them to know that they can do it too! I want them to know that they are capable of great things. Confidence is a beautiful thing and I want to share my energy and thoughts with everyone. I want them to know that it all starts with them and how they think. Mind over matter. That’s what motivates me to keep going!
  5. A lot of people started the new year fresh with new goals. What are your goals this year?
    This year I have a few goals in mind but these are a few of my main goals:
    • I want to be able to find balance in everything that I do.
    • I’d like to challenge myself, physically & mentally.
    • I’d like to get more experience in the modeling industry
    • I’d like to be able to provide more on social media for the people who support me and finally get my YouTube going!
  6. We saw you do promos for Gorilla Paw and Rev Labs. We noticed your infatuation for lifting heavy things. Will you be competing at the Powerlift Competition this year? Miss FITCON LA wins Power Lift Meet, are you ready for that?
    Yes! Both Gorilla Paw and Revlabs are amazing companies who take really good care of their athletes! I’m really happy and humble to be able to be a part of there team.
    Haha you caught me! Yes, I’ve actually decided that I will be competing at the Powerlifting competition in May at FITCON OC. Honestly, I’m so ready! This is only the beginning for me and there is so much more for me to do and accomplish. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.
  7. Any advice for aspiring bodybuilders out there?






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