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Introducing Mr. FITCON – Kelly Bautista

  1. Hello Mr Fitcon! First and foremost, congratulations on winning the first ever Mr and Miss Fitcon LA event. How was the contest different from some of the other physique contests you entered?
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to represent Fitcon as Mr Fitcon. In my competitions it is usually all about the posing, the physique, the conditioning, symmetry and confidence. Fitcon was a different approach that you really cannot prepare for, it not only calls for a good physique but it also has you answer educated questions, much like a pageant, they do call out for some posing but it’s a combination of poise, physique and the well mannered educated responses to questions given to you, so not only do you need to be prepared physically but also what you have from within you.
  2. You had stiff competition and it looked like Luis Sierra, aka Shreddy Eddie, was on the verge of winning the contest. The judges were impressed with your answers, take us back to what the judges asked and what your answer was.
    Luis is a great competitor, athlete with a great physique. Questions like how can you spread fitness, I simply replied “with hope” we are all privileged to be able to go to the gym, blessed with great genetics and may have worked hard to get to a certain level, but many people don’t know how to approach to get there, giving them educated and responsible plans can bring hope to what they are trying to accomplish. I also have mentioned that I am turning 40 next this year, for me to step on that stage with people who are half my age or in their 20’s and am able to be just as competitive is a blessing and honor. So with that I bring hope to any age…
  3. After the event, the judges looked at your Instagram and saw you giving out food to the homeless. How important is it to give back and what is your favorite charity?
    To me it is the most important thing to always remember where you came from, giving back is just a small way to give thanks to your community, I chose to give back to the homeless that day to give people hope that they can reach their dreams, that their prayers can come true and possibly God has given me the strength to bring these people to believe.. To have hope, and to trust in the Lord…My favorite charities are children’s funds and homeless care. Our future and our present will determine our future.
  4. Tell us about yourself. We see that you’re a veteran of the bodybuilding sport for 19 years. What made you get into bodybuilding and what motivates you to keep going?
    It’s been a long time now that I have been competing winning the USA CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2005 and 2010 placing in the top 5 of the national scene since 2005. I have always been the shortest guy on any team so I pushed myself to become a better athlete by at least lifting like the big boys or becoming as strong as them is what got me started and it worked I guess haha.. Learning new methods seeing young athletes and my children help motivate me to keep moving. 
  5. A lot of people are starting the New Year fresh with new goals. What are your goals this year?
    First off, My goals for 2016 is to continue to be a great father to my 2 kids, a great husband to my wife. Second is to be the best athlete to date and finally turn professional in the IFBB. Third is to continue to give best patient care to my patients I take care of daily. Fourth to help Fitcon become what it deserves, to be successful and to reach levels of greatness in the fitness community..
  6. Word on the street is that after some time off, you’re competing again this year. We have several big name athletes retiring from their sport from Kobe Bryant to Charles Woodson. What makes you want to come back and compete in your sport again?
    Ah great question, unlike Kobe Bryant, this sport is still a big part of who I am. It has brought me success, kept me strong emotionally, given me balance in my life and I am not ready to end this chapter YET… I still know I have 91 octane in my tank to be able to compete against the best of the best again.. Possibly become the best for the third time…
  7. Any advice for aspiring bodybuilders out there?
    Well I always go by this motto and I have mentioned it on the Fitcon stage, “it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!”






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